Visit us Dec 1 at Orlando Florida

Military Simulator show

showing our 33x63 curved screen

Curved Screen

6 ft wide 180 degree curved screen with 6 ft throw distance.

12 ft wide screens

Used at Trade shows, Casino Advertising,
Sports bars,
Retail Advertising,
Video gaming.

No one, until now, had the technology to make curved screens without distortion.


  Video Projection Screens: At Trade Shows 180 degree curved screens

December 2003 Orlando IITSEC
Our new 33"x 63" mini Curved Screen

360 degree Curved Screen front projection
using 3 -9 projectors with wide angle lens

Sitting high above the show was the 360 degree screen
Depending on requirements our projector system can use 3 to 7 projectors for a full 360 degree solution.......Some of our systems support edge blending

180 degree Curved Screens at INFOCOMM
and at Trade Shows Orlando Florida

Newest version 180 degree curved screens single projector and special silicon chip eWarp mapping processor using our polycarbonate screens look at our 3000 lumens projector

eWarp Mapping software: 2 dimensional Keystone Correction

· · Trade shows in Orlando presenting our curved screens chip technology August 2003
may be projected onto cylindrical, spherical, or even completely irregularly shaped objects................For more information on SCALER click here.

Video screens to the next level ......DLP Projectors customized to meet client needs. Pictured below is our Latest Trade Show exhibit curved screen in Orlando Florida


  • High Contrast ..High Gain and Curved screens
  • Curved screens. For trade shows, sports presentation, scoreboards, and concerts where 180 and 360 degree cinema viewing is required... big screens

Curved Screens can be curved in or curved out.

  • 180 degree Curved Screens…
  • Depending on circle size needed, we can make 180 or 360 tube rear screens
    Using a single projector for 180 degrees and three(3) projectors for 360 degrees.
  • Our special video processors make the images sharp clear and NOT distorted
  • Multi Plex Panels to make 360 degree wider screens to 300 inch big screen diameter for sports scoreboards, sports video displays Advertising
  • Larger Profile Casino, Home theater, Concerts, DLP Projector
  • Sporting Events.... Mall Advertising Media ....Trade shows Advertising Air Ports
    Sports Scoreboards
  • Cinema, Trade Shows , Video games, Trade shows Entertainment
  • Outstanding color reproduction
    High definition curved screens Single projector and dual projector systems
    Show single or multiple sports events on this curved screen along side advertising
  • Curved Screens: Sizes
    10'x76" ,12'x76"
    , 10'x20'
    We can double stack screens for larger sizes


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